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Art Pop-Up was founded in 2011 by Sam Roddan with the aim of providing opportunities for artists to develop innovative, creatively challenging works whilst encouraging wider engagement and participation in the community. We work with artists at all stages of their careers and offer mentoring and support to our Associate Artists. Since its inception, Art Pop-Up has devised and organised many major projects such as an arts festival for Stamford and an indepth community research and development programme, Stamford Connections, engaging over 100,000 local residents in the last 10 years.

Art Pop-Up also devises and produces the Wellbeing Map series which currently includes Stamford, Bourne and Grantham. Creativity for wellbeing and outreach are key themes in Art Pop-Up's work which is grounded in numerous partnerships in the local community, following strategies of Asset Based Community Development: we are cultural engineers & community builders. To find out about Art Pop-Up's current work see our Facebook page @ArtPopUpUK or for details of past projects see our website